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Music in Every Thread


Soundtrack to Your Style

I used to love my Walkman. The iconic headphones became a symbol of individual freedom for 1980’s teenagers. It was awesome. Then came the CD Walkman and everything changed; I never had pockets big enough to carry the blasted thing and when you moved the music would skip around like a deck chair in a monsoon.

Taking your tunes with you has become just what we do but it’s never looked quite as AAA as this before. Everywhere you look, a personal soundtrack is being played and an individual style is portrayed. The synergy of music and fashion goes way back before time even existed. We can’t quite say we wouldn’t have one without the other but we would definitely not be in the same place if they didn’t live alongside each other.

Audio Architect Apparel is the nexus of fashion, music and technology.

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The idea behind Audio Architect Apparel, giving you the ability to buy a garment with a sewn-in track you can download and it’s yours to keep forever. Combining a piece of musical nostalgia with the sounds of the modern world and the technology of the future. Think of it as like buying a Record that you can wear.

Our technology has the potential to turn every clothing store into a music outlet as well.  Buying one of our hoodies or t-shirts and getting a download earns them a cut of the proceeds and counts towards the charts too, so you could be helping them get a hit as well as getting yourself stylish new threads.

You win, they win, isn’t that meant to be the way music works? That’s the world that we want to bring back, so the next time you want to take your music with you, why not wear it?

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Make Music Physical Again

Bouncing to the beat of Audio Architect Apparel is the desire to bring back that physical connection with your music. Phones replacing Walkmans and Spotify streams leaving CDs sales for dust. But that doesn’t mean we’re all prepared to give up on having our music in physical form. It’s time to make music physical again.

Our digital age, as awesome as it is, has callously left at the side of the road a fundamental part of the process of buying music. The artwork. We’d spend hours on a sonic treasure hunt, flipping through albums at the local record store and finding something that just looked cool to listen to. Some were treasures, some were not.

All that artwork that was slaved over that needed to strike the right tone for that single or album cover. Where have they all gone? I tell you where, a small icon pixelated icon on your screen. They don’t jump out anymore because for the tech companies it’s irrelevant.

A New Breed of Record Label

Essentially we are a fashion brand and record label, what the fuck?! Yep, that’s it. We have our own roster of artists that we sign, develop and send out on tour, but we release our music not through the normal medium of streaming but through our apparel. Think of it as a bit like a record. If you buy any of our T-shirts from any or our resellers then you will get your music. So every clothing store that stocks our T-Shirts becomes a music reseller as well.

The way I see it is that a Record is just a way of delivering music. So we’re just changing the delivery method.

This opens up the music industry to people who can’t afford to be in it. The onus has recently been on the artists themselves to provide financial support to maintain their career. Which is great if you have millions of streams without all the cuts that are taken out without before the artist seeing any of it. The only people that are able to survive in that environment are the privileged ones with financial backing. And that’s also why we hear so much that sounds the same. Where’s the risk? There isn’t much.

Let’s get elbow deep in creativity. Let’s provide unique tastes and unique sounds to the world while making it look fucking cool. Two types of label, one brand vision. Two worlds collide. 

Wear the artwork, get the tunes. Easy.

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All of the music we sell goes towards a UK chart placement for that artist. This automatically helps support artist get the right kind of promotion in the right places.

Buying Merchandise at a Show?

Think about it, all that musical equipment it’s all gotta go in the back of a van or truck. What about all the merchandise? That too has to go and be moved somewhere. All that weight, all the extra fuel that’s being used just to bring it directly to you. It also means that small artists are sometimes priced out of being able to make garments for their fans and it means that sometimes they have to hire bigger vehicles that they might otherwise need. We work directly with the music industry to remove these barriers. You buy directly for the artist at the show. We deliver to your door. No more buying a t-Shirt and drunkenly leaving it in the bar after the show. No more snapping vinyl on the bus on the way home.

You’re also covered by a returns policy! Yes, a fucking returns policy! You’ve got a receipt, you don’t like what you’ve brought you can send it back! The thread has pulled after only a couple of days... send it the fuck back! You’re covered.

Each one of our garments come with a download. It might be a gig ticket, it could be a lucky dip, it could be music. And if it’s music it comes with it means it’s charitable. We’re making music physical again but instead of buying a CD or vinyl with all the lovely artwork on it you’re buying garments with the artwork on it. It’s physical and it’s yours to own.

No More Renting Music

We’ve all got streaming services they are great but you’re spending your hard earned cash to rent something someone has spent ages working on and the worst part, that person that made it doesn’t even get enough to pay their rent unless millions of people are listening to them on a regular basis.

You actually own your music and your garment.



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  • Get Your Artist in the Charts
  • No More Renting Your Music


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