Audio Architect Apparel Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question or experience any technical difficulty regarding an order, or any of the products that appear on one of our stores, then you can reach our customer service department by raising a support ticket in your account help desk or by e-mail. We aim to reply to all support queries within 24 hours.


Please state what store you are using and any order number(s) you have within the email.

All orders placed before 13:00, Monday-Friday will be dispatched on the same day. Orders placed any other time will be dispatched on the next working day. Once your order has been dispatched, we will send you an email informing you that your order is on its way. Below is a rough guide of how long orders can take to get to you.
Service / Destination Estimated delivery time (business days):

  • UK 1st Class: 2-3 days
  • UK 2nd Class: 3-5 days
  • Western Europe: 7-10 days
  • Spain, Portugal & Italy: 14-21 days
  • Eastern Europe: 14-21 days
  • Rest of World: 14-28 days

Well my dear, Digital Downloads should be with you pretty much straight away.

Sometimes though they can be delayed so please allow 10 - 15 minutes.

Oh... Well firstly, don't panic! We've all made mistakes. Most of our order are sent directly to our shipping department. So it's really important that you get hold of us immediately and we'll see what we can do.


Most orders are immediately sent to the shipping department and processed so you must get hold of us immediately and we'll try and correct the address.


However, if the order has already been shipped, obviously, we can't change the shipping address. If the item is due to be signed for and you are not there to sign for it the delivery person will leave a note to say they attempted delivery, it will then be returned to your local post office, you should allow 48 hours for it to arrive there. If the item is not signed for the item will be posted at the original address requested.

But please try not to panic, we'll help you as best as we can.

We can deliver to your work or your home, but we do not deliver to a PO Box for security purposes.

Where possible we will ship your order in its entirety. If you have ordered several items and part of the order is a pre-order then items that we currently have will be fulfilled immediately and upon the arrival of the stock for the pre-ordered items you purchased, we will then complete your order.

To secure your item, our system automatically charges your card. In purchasing a pre-order, the item is held for you. We do our best to get you the item by the release date, but that is not always guaranteed. The item will ship on or around the release date.

Don't worry, this kind of thing happens all the time...

  1. Check the Email Address you have provided us
  2. Check your Junk/Spam Folder
  3. If it's still not there, send us a message


Don't worry - there are 2 main reasons that your card could be declined:

  1. We could not match the credit card address to the address entered. Make sure you typed the billing information in the correct area, and you entered the address exactly as it appears on your credit card bill.
  2. The bank has declined the card. Either there is a hold on the card or insufficient funds. Please contact your bank for more information.

If you still have some more questions, please head over to our payments help page:


All the personal information we collect about you is used solely for Audio Architect Apparel to fulfil your purchase and to be able to contact you if there are any issues with your order. We will never pass your details on to anyone. If you have specifically agreed to receive further information and have agreed to sign up to the mailing list, the details you have agreed at this point will be used for purposes specified in the Privacy Policy only.

For more information about what we do with your information have a look through our privacy policy.


Yes. Very yes! We utilise industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of potentially sensitive information such as your name, address and other sensitive information such as your credit card details. Information passed between your computers and our website cannot be read in the event of someone else intercepts it. The technology includes the following features: - Authentication - this assures your browser that your data is being sent to the correct computer server, and the server is secure - Encryption - this encodes the data, so that it cannot be read by anyone other the secure server. - Data Integrity - this checks the data being transferred to ensure it has not been altered.

If you are experiencing issues, we recommend you make sure you have the latest updates and patches for your operating systems. If you are still having technical problems please get in touch with our customer care team at and include the following information where possible :-

  1. The store you are on and what page you are having difficulty with.
  2. What time the problem occurred
Please cut and paste into the email any error message that appeared on the screen.


We know it is frustrating to see a product you like and then you realise it is out of stock. However sometimes some of our products are very popular and sell out very quickly, so you need to be quick to get your hands on them. We do our best to keep on top of stock and predict the sales we may receive so this doesn't happen. Sometimes our products are 'Limited Edition', so once they are gone they are gone. If the product is still being made please check back in a day or two as we update the stores and the products with information and stock on a regular basis.

Audio Architect Apparel understand that getting your order to you is the most important thing we have to do and if something goes wrong, which occasionally it does, then our first priority is to fix it quickly for you, if you wish to make a comment or suggestion on how we can improve our systems or processes then please send a message to:


The role of the Sound Engineer has been a sought-after career ever since plectrum hit guitar string. Many women and men have trampled through the adhoc world of rock 'n' roll and forged meaningful and lasting relationships with pieces of equipment, mixing desks, flight cases, cities they've only seen through the window of an airport and music they hated when they were 17 years old. Life as a Sound Engineer is hard but really fun too! Start by reading this book:


Unfortunately the Sound Engineer is not the DJ. You'll probably be greeted with a pretty grumpy face and a hostile response. The natural habitat for a sound engineer is usually surround by other sound engineers, who don't speak to each other, who are all surrounded by cables. It will usually be quite because sound engineers hate music unless they are being paid to listen to it.

But have you seen our playlists?


Yes. Yes he is!

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Well, to be honest, and brutally honest at that, the speed of sound isn't constant. Its change depends on environmental factors like the temperature and air pressure. Saying that, we can use a rough guestimate of 343.2 m/s when the temperature is 20˚C.

You can fly into Rick Husband International Airport, or Tradewind Airport, but let's face it that's not going to happen.
Best thing:

  1. Fly to Fort Worth, TX.
  2. Take US-287 northbound.
  3. You'll eventually hit the I-40 and then it's there on the right.

Yeah, we know... What a nightmare. Please have a look at this page:


This gives you a little more guidance as to what we are currently doing to help mitigate the impact of Brexit on all our customers.

And as if we hadn't had enough upheaval over the last couple of years now comes along a virus that shut the whole place down.

We've setup another page to update with all Covid-19 related policies we are implementing so head over here:



Set your pies on stun and head into to Aftercare blog...


Well you know what mother fucker, we here to have this chat.

Check out our artist page and then get in touch.


You are as awesome as the sunset over the ocean and we thank you for your service.

Head over to our crew page and see what's going on.