Audio Architect Apparel vs Covid-19

AAA vs Covid-19



Welcome to May! Don't worry I've resisted the urge not to have a shower and we are still shipping! BUT, orders are taking a little bit longer to fulfil due just because we care about what's happening. If you have placed an order it might take up to 12 days at the moment to leave our warehouse. But obviously if we can work through all the orders quicker we will. 

Shine on you Crazy Diamond xx


What a few weeks it's been. I've never done so much baking in my life! I'm getting pretty good at this bread making stuff. It's really therapeutic. Anyway, enough of that rubbish, we've managed to get a bit of our supply chain back up and running again now so we are able to offer a few more items than we had previously thought we might. 

But this comes with the caveat that things do change at a moments notice. If we do run into any problems with your orders we'll let you know immediately. 

So please place your order as you would normally but bare with us while we are running at reduce capacity.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Support Business Where You Can.


Here we are, in the grip of another crisis. The whole world seems to be falling apart faster than my lounge pants. Fortunately, loads and loads of corporations have sent you emails telling you that they are concerned for your welfare, the welfare of their staff and that they are here to help. I've even had emails from companies I haven't been a client of for many years telling me they're here for me. That's all well and cool but how do I know they are? Praise be! 

What the hell does that look like other than optics? There are companies out there that are trying to open their stores because ‘they are looking after their customers’. Bollocks. Utter bollocks. It’s purely about cold hard cash. It’s better in their account than yours. Drives me frigging nuts!

And finally BoJo has put his big boy knickers on! Now we just need to find out what's happening with all my self employed chums. Seriously, if you need any help let me know.

All of which leads us nicely on to the Audio Architect Apparel Covid-19 declaration! 

Now those of you that have been following us closely will have noticed the store has been offline recently. It has been for a couple of months and the reason for that is because we've been rebuilding the site to incorporate something really, really cool. 

This virus has done a couple of things. It's made me praise the money lords for not pressing go on the ad spend but also what it's done is it's made us change our plans a little. So we are going to push the timeline forward for relaunch… 

First things first, the most important thing is to try and support the people that we as a company, and we as a music industry, rely on. Without them there is no industry. 

We aren't going to have everything that we wanted up on the site but what I really wanted to do is get some cash into the pockets of our artists. So we are increasing our royalty payments to our artists.

With the unknown going on and changing every day we have no idea if and how we are going to be able deliver anything to your door. Which is a bit of a problem as that has been our business. But we have turned into a record label as well now, so we can deliver music directly to your ears! Yes mother fuckers, get your downloads direct without the need to post anything out.

Of course, if you want to buy any physical products you still can and we'll get them to you as soon as it's possible. I’m not asking anyone to do anything if they can’t do it from home. I’ve moved a load of stock from the warehouse and it’s currently sitting in my hallway and I’m ready to ship it out. Everything will be sent tracked so we can see where it is but it'll probably take a little longer than possible. 

This does mean that sometimes some items will be in stock but we can’t actually get to them. In these cases we’ll give you some money back if you’re willing to wait.

All of our digital fulfilment will be up and running as soon as possible if it isn’t already.

Also, and this is really important, we won’t be accepting returns while we’re in lockdown. As a result we’ve extended all our returns. So if you buy the wrong size, just wait till lock down has been lifted and then send it back. You’ll have 28 days to return any item after we’re back in the normal world.

If any of this changes we'll let you know ASAP.

Thanks for reading, stay safe and healthy,

Dave, Ben and the Team

P.S. As we've pushed the timeline forward we haven't been able to test everything we wanted to so if you do see anything that isn't quite right or not working please let us know through the Contact Us page and we'll get onto it straight away.


  • Orders are taking longer to fulfil. Could be up to 12 days.
  • All orders will be fulfilled as best as we currently can
  • All Orders are to be sent with proper tracking.
  • Money back if you have to wait too long
  • Increased Royalty Payments to Our Artists 
  • Direct Music Downloads
  • Returns are currently on hold until lockdown is lifted. 
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