Now then, the Brexit question!

We still have no bloody idea what is going on and it’s frustrating. When the British Government can actually start thinking about the country rather than the sinking ship that is the Tory Party we will be able to update you as best we can. But this doesn’t help you as one of our awesome customers.

We will update this page with any relevant information when it become available.


Update: 12th February 2020

We have finally found ourselves with a little more clarity and that on January 1st 2021 the transition period will be over and the UK will be out of the EU. This has really upset me... Anyway, my point of view isn't shared by the majority of the country apparently and we live in a democracy, apparently, so there we have it. We are out. So what does this mean to us as a business well to start with we don't actually know what prices rises there will be with the cost of buying product. We will of course try to swallow as much as we can but I can imagine this won't be possible with everything. The biggest thing I can foresee at the moment is shipping to Europe. We are currently looking at plans to move manufacturing into Europe for our European customers and this will obviously solve a lot of the problems we are currently facing, don't winge this is what you voted for! Until that time we will probably higher shipping cost into Europe which will have to be passed on but on the upside all you European spenders can take advantage of the weaker Pound. So not all is at a loss. Please keep an eye on our Shipping and Returns page for updated prices moving forward.   

Update: 11th April 2019

And so the uncertainty continues! Yay!!

As of today, the British Government have extended the withdrawal deadline to October 31st 2019. For you, our dear customers, this means nothing has change. Which is a good thing I suppose.




We’ve decided to implement a Brexit Guarantee! This guarantee is here to give you a bit of comfort. After all you don’t want to be dumped with various potential customs tariffs and crap like that. So here is our guarantee:


·       You pay for your item and that is all you pay. Simple


We unfortunately can guarantee that your item won’t get stuck in customs and we can’t guarantee that you won’t have to pay an extra import duty but what we are going to do is offer to refund the cost of your customs duty.


All you have to do is email us, using the email that you originally made your order with, attach the receipt and we’ll refund that amount back to you. You’ll find the email address at the bottom of this page.


For all your Brexit related queries please email us here: