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One of the founding principles of Audio Architect Apparel was to look at the way we treat our environment and the people who are involved in the making of our clothing.

There is a journey with Audio Architect Apparel and we want you to come along with it. Coming from a live music background, Dave Swallow, has toured the world and seen how the music industry can contribute to a lot of waste. So now it's time to reverse that waste. 

From where we source our fabrics, who we work with and how and where our manufacture happens. Not forgetting of course, how our finished garments reaches your wardrobe.

There's more we can do and we are striving to make Audio Architect Apparel a more considerate company every single day. 




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We wanted to create a brand that is responsible. So when looking at how we source our materials we looked towards producers who can trace their entire chain back to source. This includes all the inks and dyes used in the manufacture. These producers aren't the cheapest but that doesn't matter because we can sleep at night knowing we are trying our best to protect the planet and clothe people in some seriously cool shit too!

As a result of being careful about where our garments are sourced we discovered that practically all of our products are technically Vegan. Although we never set out with this in mind it's a happy accident that we've ended up here, with a Virtually Vegan Streetwear Brand

We know there is still more we can do to improve our impact on the planet. As our collection grows and the more people understand what we as a brand are setting out to do, the more we can research and deliver an environmentally friendly and sustainable offering.






It’s important to us that we listen to what our customers are saying to us. Although we might have accidentally created a Virtually Vegan Streetwear Brand we want to continue to develop our ethics and standards along side your own.

We want you to give us feedback and have a healthy dialogue with you. So please feel free to get in contact and continue the discussion.

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Fair Trade

To try and rectify the injustices in global wealth here at Audio Architect Apparel we look to source from suppliers that are signed up to and follow Fair Trade policies and agreements.


Fair Wear Foundation

The other set of ethics we look for in our suppliers, which is based more in the fashion industry, is the Fair Wear Foundation. The Fair Wear Foundation is a non-profit organisation that works with garment workers in 11 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Europe with the pure aim of improving workplace conditions by activating brands, factories, trade unions and NGOs. The Fair Wear Foundation keeps track of the various improvements made by the companies it works with. 


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Audio Architect Apparel wants to provide you with clothing that will last. We don't use the cheapest fabrics because we don't want your clothes falling apart in a matter of weeks. We want to create garments that will last with designs that you'll want to wear again and again.

We also try and make our clothing last many, many washes so you'll be able to enjoy your garments for years to come.

If you want to know what you can do to help be more sustainable at home,
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Fast fashion has become a major problem over the years. A lot of the drive behind Fast Fashion has come from consumers demanding the lowest possible price. Cash has been really tight and the brands have just been answering their customers.

In driving the price down as far as possible, the environment has suffered. A lot. 

At Audio Architect Apparel, we believe that fashion should not be fast. We don't want to create garments for people who don't care about the environment we live in. We want to create a brand that is held accountable for its actions.

We believe that contemporary fashion should be sustainable and help support the communities that create it. 



Audio Architect Apparel Confidence in Textiles




The fashion industry is a terrible polluter. Garment factories all across the globe pump out nasty chemicals into rivers and lakes. They pollute local water supplies with toxins that not only harm life in the river they also harm the communities that live around those water sources. 

The Confidence in Textiles ensures that the garment, or indeed any textile, that carries its label is free from these harmful pollutants.



Our Ethical Policies

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