Audio Architect Apparel Animal Welfare Policy

Animal Welfare Policy

The Audio Architect Apparel brand believes in welfare for all, no matter how many legs you have, what colour your feathers are or how slimy your skin is. We are all part of the same environment and therefore we, as a producer of products, recognise our responsibilities towards all living things. 

This statement of intent is here to outline to you how we source and the standards that we feel must be complied with in the production of our products.

  • We strive to support our vegan customers: All the products on our website are free from animal derivatives, and therefore Vegan. Any product that does use an animal derivative is shown to be NOT VEGAN in our product descriptions.
  • Products derived from animals (e.g. wool) are only accepted from suppliers that are traceable back to the farm.
  • All animals associated with our products are treated as per the following guidelines:

    • Freedom from hunger and thirst. Animals are provided with access to fresh water and a diet for full health and vigour.

    • Freedom from discomfort. Animals are kept in an appropriate environment with shelter and comfortable rest areas.

    • Freedom from pain, injury and disease. Appropriate prevention and/ or rapid treatment methods are employed to ensure animals are kept comfortable and free from ailments.

    • Freedom to express normal behaviour. Animals are provided with adequate space and facilities, as well as company of the animal’s own kind.

    • Freedom from fear and distress. The general living conditions and treatment of animals avoids mental suffering.

  • Animal and animal derived products used in our products will only be sourced from purpose-bred animals and never from wild-caught or endangered species. This is in accordance with The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

  • We do not commission or condone the use of animal testing for any of our products.