Finley Griffiths

Finley Griffiths manages to harness his unique songs and storytelling into a blistering raw sound with a clear nod to the likes of the Jesus and Mary Chain and primal scream. He's managed to deliver a post Radiohead with a twist of muse onslaught.

"I’m over the moon to have AAA releasing these tracks for me. Recording them was the first time I’d worked on music with other people since college, so it felt great.

"This Atlantic Song is about wanting to repair parts of your past which you know you can’t go back to. It’s as much a song of conviction as it is of commitment to someone.

"Father is a song about needing a figure, religious or otherwise, to guide you through patches of your life. Someone’s who’s always got your corner, and how the faith you put in someone else can be all you need.

"I wanted these songs to be as honest as possible, and I hope that can be heard through these recordings."

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