Why is is called AAA?

For those of you that know me, this would be obvious, for those of you that don't it's really not.

Firstly, it's got nothing to do with a battery and it's got nothing to do with American Alcoholics Anonymous. It's all to do with my 25 years in the music industry.

When you go to a concert or a festival you are issued with an AAA (Triple A) pass. This stands for Access All Areas. These passes allow you access to the backstage areas and the dressing rooms.

In 2015 I set up a clothing brand called Audio Architect Apparel, which played on this AAA acronym. When I was setting up AAA (Triple A) on Cold Bath Road I wanted to create something that reflected my years in the music industry and the brand I've been slowly developing over the past few years. 

One of the pilers of the clothing brand was to create some designs that get people to ask questions. It's kind of a subtle way of learning something new, so in essence this is what AAA is. 

It's either amazing marketing or absolutly daft, I don't know, but the amount of people who ask what it means can only be a good thing in my eyes.

So, to answer the question, what does AAA (Triple A) mean. It means come on in, have a chat, talk about music, coffee, beer, phylosophy or whatever floats your boat. It means come on in and listen to some of the best music ever written from across the globe on a lovely warm and welcoming sound system. It means everyone is welcome, and dogs too. 

It means Access All Areas.

And in the words of the philosoper Plant,
Whole Lotta Love,



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