How to Remove Hair from Your Clothes

So, you're blackest sweatshirt has got fur all over it. You've stuck it through the wash and nothing has changed. Well, unless you swap your cat for a black one there's nothing you can do... Or is there?

Try this little quick trick, stick your garment in the dryer first. Now then, we don't advise using your dryer to dry your clothes, well not every wash anyway.

Remove as much hair as you can by hand first, use a lint roller or some tape. A damp rubber glove, ooh err missus, can work as well, just run your hand over your garment.

Give it a good shake.

Stick it in the dryer. Chuck a dryer sheet in, the anti-static help catch the hair in the lint trap.

Pop the dryer on for about 15 mins on a low heat. This will loosen the fabric and the hair.

When the cycle has finished, give the garment a good shake and stick in the washer.

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