Caring for a 100% Cotton Garment

Why the hell have I shrunk my clothes again? It's always the really expensive 100% cotton T-Shirts that get the full brunt of my incompetence when it comes to putting clothes in a washing machine.

Actually, maintaining clothes made of 100% cotton is probably easier that I've made it.


Cotton clothing is very washable and can be washed at different temperatures, but a 100% cotton t-shirts don't like heat and can shrink when washed too hot.

Preferably handwashing is the best way to look after your garment. Hand washing should take between 5 and 10 minutes. Let's face it. Who in their right mind has the time to do that these days. Maybe unless you're quarantined and need to pass a few hours. 

In the washing machine a low heat, 30° will be just fine. If you do have a lot of stains pretreat the stains before washing. 


If you are not sure how to wash a new garment, a quick glance at the care label will help. Sorting your laundry by fabric will also help you get washing results.

Sportswear and workwear can have different washing process than other types of garments. This can be because that there are different types of fabric attached to the garments. So make sure you read the label. 


To prevent your clothes from fading, do not fill the washing machine too full and try to use cold water if possible. Turn the cloth upside down to protect the outside during washing, and turn it over again when the inside is protected during washing.

Turn the garment inside out during washing to prevent the material from fading quickly. 


It is true that cotton shrinks and shrinks over time not just on the first wash. Letting it air dry is the best way to make it last longer.

But if you really must use a dryer, use it on a low heat. 

Don't wring your cotton t-shirt. This is a sure fire way to wreck it. 

Don't leave your cotton t-shirts to dry near a window. The sun will bleach the fabric and cause it to fade. It could even cause the fabric to get the odd stripe of faded colour on it too and you'd look bloody silly wearing that out wouldn't you.


Not all fabrics are suitable for the tumble dryer. I know the tumble dryer makes laundry day much easier but read the label, and only use the dryer if really necessary, they are pretty shit for the environment.  


If you've left your garment to air dry, chances are you won't need to iron. If you've put your cotton t-shirt in the dryer then it's probably come out wrinkled and then you'll have to get the iron out. 

When washed, cotton can develop excessively rippling at the hem edges and needs ironing out. Try a medium - hot iron setting.