National Album Day




Snap, Crackle and Hiss! The album is 70 years old this year. To celebrate this Platinum anniversary, a National Album Day has been announced to take place on Saturday, October 13th 20181993 was my particular year of introduction to the party, and I'm fully aware of how youthful I am, thank you very much, but 70 years of life change tunes is pretty impressive! Albums mean different things to different people. It's hard to imagine the cultural impact that collections of music have had, not just on British culture, but cultures from across the globe. There is no denying though that music is this bizarre combination of an individual and a shared experience. Recordings have been around since before Edison's Phonograph. What we knowing love as LP's* (Long-Playing records) have been around since 1948. Columbia Records were the first to introduce the microgroove vinyl disc that revolved at 33 1/3 rpm. This microgroove had the ability to contain more information within it, essentially allowing the same size of disc to play for longer. There for more music. This disc later became industry standard for the the entire music industry. I also want to point out at this point that the pop-song, which should be 3 minutes long, was restricted to 3 minutes because that was the length of time a 10" disc could hold. Funny coincidence that... Albums were also on many different formats too; cassettes were very popular and the Eight Track was so engrained in 1950's American car culture. If you want to, you can tweet along with the day, follow what everyone else is doing by using these handles: @AlbumDayUK / #NationalAlbumDay. Along with the day itself, there will be a week-long, starting Monday, build up of events and activities across the country celebrating the album format involving all the amazing talent involved from artists, song writers, labels, retailers and sleeve designers.  There's also questions in our Impossible Music Quiz that you really should give a go. Only 1 person has got all these questions right so far... I thought you were better than that... At 3.33pm on National Album Day, Saturday 13th, everyone in the UK is asked to stop what they’re doing, sit back, relax and play an album of choice in full, from start to finish. I know what I'm listening to... What about you? P.S. *Now here's a thought, vinyl was the original term used to refer to vinyl. Then when the term album, pilfered from the earlier nineteenth century, came into popular use we started using terms like LP and EP. Bumbling around the 80's and 90's those terms were used less in favour of terms like CD and Album. Now we're back to vinyl again... All rivers flow into the sea but the sea is never full.