Discharge Inks

Audio Architect Apparel Cassette MixTape T-Shirt

Here at Audio Architect Apparel we mainly use a type of screen printing which uses a process called 'Discharge'. This is a process where water-based inks are applied to a fabric, usually a dark fabric to produce very bright, soft prints. We like this process because it gives a more vintage feel to the print. You could even say faded. We add a bleach based additive to the ink, print it like normal and stick it in the dryer. The heat in the drying process activates the bleach taking the printed areas back to their natural, un-dyed colour thus allowing the pigments in the ink to stand out. The effect doesn't work as well unless the garment or material is 100% cotton.

Check out these garments that use the Discharge Process

Audio Architect Apparel Cassette MixTape T-Shirt