Sinnottizm is a project by Liverpool/Las Vegas resident Paul ‘Sinno’ Sinnott. Paul is a typical scouser, mad for Liverpool F.C. and Music. “ I was born in the same ward as John Lennon, So I guess I was going to end up in the music game”.

Paul was in a number of bands as a teenager, By the mid 90s he was signed to Virgin Records “When the music business was fun”. After a few years signed and feeling frustrated with the politics and stresses that the label put him under, he became a drum tech. His drum teching resume boasts some world class acts : Faithless, Jamiroquai, Pendulum, James Bay, Steve Ferrone and Good Charlotte to name just a few. “I was always into drums when I was a kid. But when I heard Billy Currie {Ultravox} play the Arp Odyssey Synthesizer I had never heard anything other than a guitar sound so powerful. I had to get one. I try to play my Odyssey like a guitar. My approach is to attack it. I built a collection of vintage Synthesizer’s,  firstly because they’re beautiful to look at and secondly, no matter how hard a soft synth tries it will never replicate the richness and body of the stand alone unit. My project ‘Sinnottizm” is 10 tracks, 5 Instrumentals and 5 with Vocals. I’ve tried to create and album of tunes that fell timeless, Could be from the 80s or the future” .....

Thanks, Enjoy ….. Sinno !