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Audio Architect Records


Put Your Records On



We are looking for new talent. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch.



  • Send us your unreleased music.
  • We listen to all music submitted music. We're awesome like that. 
  • Be sure to send active links, otherwise it's a little hard to have a listen. 
  • Send us any working link to the tune(s) making sure there is no expiration date and that anyone with a link can have access. Links can be Dropbox, Google Drive, Soundcloud, even your own server, as long as we can get to it.
  • If we're interested, you'll get a message.
  • Please note, we can't reply to ever submission.
  • And also to note, filling this form in does not mean you're signing a contract or handing over any rights to your music. It also doesn't mean that we are signing you either, this is merely exploratory at the moment.