Zombie Escape

Halloween is upon us once more and the enemies of the light are gaining strength and rising from the grave.

As the darkness falls across the land and the midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood to terrorise the Audio Architect warehouse!!

 Can you help our Operations Director, Maisie, get to the safety of Sonic City and escape the clutches of the evil undead??


Awesome Rewards to be won if you DARE enter and save her...

First Place: AAA T-Shirt and Cap

Second Place: AAA T-Shirt

All Scores over 1500 win 15% off 

 Play now, while you still can....




Don't fancy a fight to the death with some flesh eating Zombies? 

Oh well, we can't all be as brave that kid from IT. How about some Spooktacular Tunes instead?

Whoever shall be found without the soul for getting down, shall stand and face the hounds of hell, and rot inside a corpse's shell. And who want to face them dogs? So, strap on some headphones, crank up the volume and light the soul this these spooktacular tracks.