Soft Launch Terms and Conditions

Hello one and all, and welcome to our Soft Launch. 

During our Soft Launch, all our products will be only available as pre-order. This is so that we can make sure our internal communications are working properly between the website and the warehouse. When you place an order it will be sent to the warehouse and get ready for dispatch. You might actually find that you receive the product before the release date.

We are also taking delivery of new stock and booking that all in. On rare occasions the numbers coming into the warehouse don't add up to the numbers that they were expecting and there might be a slight delay in dispatching your product. We will of course let you know if anything like this happens and will get all orders out as quickly as possible. 

Putting a website together can be bloody hard work and checking everything is in working order can be on the tricky and time consuming side. After all, there are so many devices and browsers that we all use sometimes things can go a little awry. So, as much as we can, we have taken our time checking all the links work and that the photography has been uploaded and spelling and grammar is correct but we might have missed the odd thing here or there. If you do come across anything that might not look right or goes to a page you weren't expecting please send us an email to let us know

Because this is a soft launch and the maiden voyage of the good ship AAA does pose some potential hazards we are taking 20% off all items in your shopping basket. This is a thank you for taking the time to browse the store and bearing with us while we get up to full steam.

Kindest regards,