At Audio Architect Apparel we are so confident that our garments are designed to be of the highest quality, and to support this we offer an unrivalled 2 year guarantee that the print will not fade. This means we guarantee that the print on your garment will not fade within 2 years.

There are certain exclusions we need to put in here though


  • Excessive washing! If it is found that your garment has been excessively washed, not only is this terrible for the environment, but 
  • This guarantee does not cover the colour of the fabric. 
  • Excessive Washing:

    • We would reasonably expect you to wash your clothes once a week, and as your Audio Architect Apparel garment is one of your favourites, we'd consider excessive washing of one of our garments to be more than twice in every two weeks.

    • Cottons can easily be washed at 20ºC these days, most new washing machines go down to that temperature. We accept that not all washing machines do but constantly washing your garments at above 30ºC really isn't good for anyone involved.



Please be aware general wear and tear, misuse and tarnishing are not covered by the Print Guarantee, so we ask that you ensure your garment is being worn sensibly. If you have altered your garment in any way, like cut the sleeves or made the neck bigger, this is not covered.

Audio Architect Apparel will not be held responsible for an garment which is damaged through general wear and tear or misuse. If your garment has been damaged we are able to offer a repairs service at a small cost, please contact us with details and a member of our Customer Service Team will be more than happy to help.