Payment & Security

The online retail world can be very heinous and treacherous, especially if you don't take the right precautions in protecting your identity. We take this very seriously and just like thousands of other businesses we have partnered up with the super sonic people over at Barclaycard to provide you with the safest and securest online shopping environment possible.

Every payment made on this site is processed through Barclaycard on the special Barclaycard servers. None of your highly sensitive information is stored on our servers at all. Let's try that again; We don't hold any of your card details whatsoever.

This means that everything we do is PCI DSS compliant.

Part of being PCI DSS compliant means we, that's us here at AAA and the crew over at Barclaycard, aren't allowed to store any of these bits of info:
 Full magnetic stripe – track 2
 CVC2 / CW2 / CID
 PIN / PIN block
 Sensitive authentication data, even if encrypted

All of this information is deleted immediately after payment is made.

What we are allowed to store is this:
 Primary account numbers
 Cardholder names
 Service code and expiry dates

And the reason we'd do this is to provide you, my dearest audience member, with the most convenient shopping experience.

If there is anything you'd like to know, please, please, please contact us for more information.