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The glamorous music industry is not all that glamorous and doesn't always feel like an industry. It can feel like a spaghetti bowl of individuals just trying to work out how to make a living. It can be really hard work. And also, the majority of us are now working through some of the hardest times in the history of the industry. 

Dave, our founder, has been working in the music industry for the past 20 years and has seen first hand the impact lack of investment in new underground acts has had. So it's our aim to begin supporting the music industry in whatever way we can.

Here at Audio Architect Apparel, we want to create an environment where we can support all aspects of music, not just the high arts and not just the musicians. Of course we support them too but it's important to point out that the music industry isn't just the people in the spot light. It's also the people who spend their lives in the pursuit of improving someone else's career.

We see the future of the music industry as one that will nurture new talent, allow new music to flourish and adapt quickly to new technologies and consumer demands. 

If you want to know more about how we can support you, no matter if you're an artist, producer, lighting designer, sound engineer or a member of crew, just get in contact.



Not Just A Streetwear Brand

Audio Architect Apparel was founded in that pile of cables on the side of stage, we've been at the coalface of the music industry. We've reaped the rewards and we've spent nights worrying about the next pay-cheque.

Why does the world need this?

The music industry has support Dave Swallow since he left school over 20 years ago. The industry in that time has changed an awful lot. We are now left with questions about its future. Music is a gift that we need to protect and pass on to future generations. The financial support has been ripped out of the music industry. Wages for crew are, in real terms lower than ever before, and there are less shows. Tours use to last months, not a week. It all comes down to cold hard cash unfortunately, that is the world we've created for ourselves.

Now it's time to give back...

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What Help Do We Give

Music support isn’t there just for the people on stage, it’s also there for the people in the shadows, behind the scenes and lugging the gear around.

Unfortunately, a lot of support that is offered goes only to musicians who work in the 'high arts'. As important as the high arts are it's not going to keep the youth from burning down the local chip shop, only supporting them will. And music is a language nearly everyone can understand. At Audio Architect Apparel, we try to give as much practical and positive support as we can, whatever genre you maybe in.

It might be a little hard to understand why a Streetwear Brand can do so much within a different sector but with 20 years of experience travelling the globe on tours



360º Live Music Production Specialists 

  • We have a dedicated team of touring specialists that can help you plan, promote and execute your tour
    1. Budgeting and Cash Flow Projections
    2. On Tour Accounting
    3. Show Advancing
    4. Staffing
    5. Logistics
    6. Equipment
    7. Transport
    8. Live Recording
  • Help and advice
    1. Visas
    2. Withholding Tax
    3. Insurances
  • Tour Merchandising

Tour Sponsorship

  • Not only can we provide touring services, we can also potentially provide funding for the tour as well.

Record Funding

  • Need funding to get your awesome record made? Get in contact!

Web-store and Complete Fulfilment

  • When Audio Architect Apparel was started, the aim was to sell products. This journey lead us to create a company that works from the earliest design stages and manufacture, right through to warehousing and delivering your products to your customers front door.

Design and Artwork for Products and Stage Sets

  • We have a specialist team of designers that can bring your creations to life
  • touring specialists that can help you plan, promote and execute your tour.
  • Tour Merchandising as well as seller

Rollout of Products


Tour Merchandising


Work Search

Ambassadors Program

Help and Advice

  • If you're stuck with your insurance and don't know where to go or you need some work and that phone doesn't ring.

Stuck for work?

  • What other skills do you have? We are always looking for people to write blog posts, take photos, do some drawing and designing. Fancy being a part of it?


In addition to support we offer Artists,

Production and Tour Advancing

Tour Accounting

Travel Logistics

VISA Applications (For UK Only)

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There's never any doubt to that working in the music industry can be very stressful at times and that without proper support with mental health things can go south very quickly.

Help Musicians UK is a wonderful charity that offer's a 24 hour hot line for those suffering with any problems.

Please check out their website here: