Inspired by the space between music culture, science, technology and design, Audio Architect Apparel delivers high quality style in a truly unique voice.

Audio Architect Apparel is a celebration of our music and our journeys to get there. It revels in ideas, technology, people and the generation changing sounds that are the foundation to our way of life.

Most of my musical memories have been made from many years spent travelling the globe contributing to concerts and festivals, getting lost, being delayed, waiting around, reading a great book, swearing in Italian all in the company of a new found family.

Audio Architect Apparel is about the soundtrack to our lives. It’s about sharing a beer, or a 1945 Marques de Riscal Gran Reserva, waiting for the plane. It’s about selecting the right track at the right time. It’s about in-jokes that only you and your closest mates get. It’s about spontaneity and experiencing something new, to you at least. It’s an experience that's covered in mud, sweat and cheers.

Audio Architect Apparel is the makers, the shakers, the followers and creators. It is the elegance in hard work and the calm in pressure. It’s the beauty in design and belongs to the ideas hidden in plain view. It’s the dreams and the journeys. The late night laughs and the bloodshot, early-morning ones too that switch life into vibrant stereo. It’s a way of life that appreciates the class in science and technology. It’s clever, subtle, stylish design with a passion in imagination, integrity in intellect and is an instrument of individualism.

Music connects us all beyond boundaries and creeds. It's a cultural exchange and a broadening of horizons. It’s a melting pot of ideas. It’s a connection, a shared experience that we are all part of, the listener, the creator and the producer. There’s lots of theories about why we like music but there is one inescapable truth; we are human and we like our music loud.

We are all architects of culture.

We are all architects of audio.

Curated by: Dave Swallow

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