Audio Architect Apparel Supports #WEMAKEEVENTS


The Events Sector Urgently Needs More Support to Survive the Covid-19 Crisis 

Live events around the world have been devastated, from major festivals and landmark theatres, to grassroots venues and business events. Without major immediate support from government, the entire supply chain is at risk of collapse.

Show your support by getting your hands on your very own #WeMakeEvents campaign t-shirt, cap, backpack, hoodie. Not only are you helping raise awareness of the plight of the live events industry, but every order helps to continue the very valuable work of BACKUP, the technical entertainment charity.

#WeMakeEvents is raising awareness of the events supply chain, which is on the brink of collapse and urgently needs more support to survive the Covid-19 crisis.

For those of you who don't know, over the past 21 years I've been working behind the scenes in the music industry, as an audio engineer, and that's where I got the name for Audio Architect Apparel. To see my friends suffer at the hands of COVID-19 like this has been heartbreaking. This a way we can help support  the entertainment industry until it gets back on its feet.

Join the growing collective of organisations, companies and freelancers to get our industry’s voice heard through the medium of social media, video and outdoor events.


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