The Awesome TENCEL® Lyocell

Here at Audio Architect Apparel, one thing that is close to our heart is looking for new products that are good for our environment. TENCEL® is one of them. TENCEL® is a branded lyocell fiber that comes from wood pulp which is dissolved in a non-toxic organic solvent. The solution is extruded through fine holes to produce fiber and the solvent is recycled in a closed-loop process – more than 99.5% of the solvent is recovered and reused. The manufactures of this fabric ensure that the processing of TENCEL® lyocell fiber does not utilise any harmful chemicals (like formaldehyde) sometimes used to finish this type of fabric. TENCEL lyocell can be used in place of other regenerated cellulose fibers such as viscose rayon. The benefits of using TENCEL lyocell include the traceable and sustainable origin of the wood pulp, and the use of non-toxic chemicals and solvents in the fiber processing. In addition, TENCEL lyocell is a high-tenacity cellulosic fiber, which gives high strength properties to the fabric.