Quick Streetwear Tips: Layering

With Autumn and Winter fast approaching these shores, Audio Architect Apparel gives some Quick Streetwear Tips for those thinking about creating a wardrobe with a great waveform this season. As the cold weather draws in, here are 8 of our best tips for getting the look right and keeping warm.
  1. Every visible layer should also be something that can be worn on its own. Every layer should be able to be removed and creates a look of it's own.
  2. It's all about the silhouette. The outer hems should be longer than the inner hems. It creates a sense of flow and done right, it'll look fucking cool and you might even look like you've lost a few pounds.
  3. Keep colours tonal. If you're going to layer blacks, whites and greys are really easy to put together. It'll bring your whole look together far easier than trying to match colours if you're not too hot on your colour matching.
  4. Vivid colours. As a contradiction to the last paragraph. Bright and vivd colours can work well but personally I like to hide them. The idea is that with movement these colours can add a noticeable difference.
  5. Forget patterns.
  6. Think about your sizing. Wearing an oversize tee under a fitted hoodie will just look awkward and you'll have all the wrong bits hanging out all the wrong places. Start with a tailored long line, that will work with your shape, and then appropriately size to give an effortless flow.
  7. Layer thick to thin. Under garment thinnest, outer thickest.
  8. Hoodies are a good middle layer. A quality hoodie works well under loads of different outwear like coach jackets.

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