Live Audio: the Art of Mixing a Show

Live Audio: the Art of Mixing a show

In the July of 2010, on a sun-bleached rooftop, as is so often the way to get any work done when in West Hollywood, my mind wondered back to that grand mahogany desk. Pen in hand, forehead in the other, there tiptoed a slight smile as the words 'Thanks for reading, happy mixing.' were penned. My first book, Live Audio: the art of mixing a show, was concluded. Live Audio: The Book A live sound engineer's world revolves around the venue. Whether you find yourself working in a cozy club or an expansive concert arena, every location has challenges. It takes more than plugging in a few amplifiers and turning up the volume full blast to get the job done. Experience and ingenuity are needed to ensure that the band's sound is always at its best. Live Audio is a practical, hands-on, 'in the trenches' guide to mixing and live sound from an author with years of professional experience. Combining a lively writing style and real world examples with essential details covering the technical and practical aspects of working a live show, Live Audio gives you a real-world look into working a live venue. Learn the technical, practical, and political aspects of the job. *Choosing the right equipment *Being creative with the tools you are given *Letting your mixes become more instinctual *Understand the important elements of live mixing *Working with the band *Authors extensive in the trenches experience with big name artists *Practical hands on approach to mixing live sound, including real world examples *Covers the most up to date equipment, including modern digital consoles Buy at Amazon [caption id="attachment_582" align="aligncenter" width="1936"] The first issue of Live Audio turned up at my hotel in New York on the last day of the very last La Roux date of the album campaign. It had been two years in the making which had been the same length of time I'd been away with La Roux. It was definitely a moment...[/caption]