It was that look in their eyes that first gave me the idea. It was a sort of look you might find on some poor pup who was just excited but had no idea what it was excited about. You see, about 30 minutes prior to this I had been waltzing about on stage doing one of those lecturing things that I do from time to time. PLASA Focus 2015 in Leeds, UK was playing host to this little something about sound to the gather contingent. For those of you that don't know what PLASA, Professional Lighting and Sound Association, is a trade show for all those business types in the live production industry. Seeing as I've some how managed to carve out a career for myself in the live music industry I do get asked from time to time to put on some talks. I hardly see myself as any form of attraction but, you know we do have some fun doing this. When you get to the end of your chatty bit it's quite usual to ask if anyone has any questions, and yes a couple of people put their hands up, but it's not until you finally get of the stage and try and relax that the real questions start coming. It was somewhere round the Stella pump that I had my first question. Then more people gathered and the questions started to get more and more complex. I think it was the question about the internal refraction on a speaker cone that really caught my attention. Not the question itself but the look on the faces of those gathered. A look of keen eyes looking right at me but by the looks of things not quite grasping the whole concept but still nodding away in absolute agreement. It was at this moment I thought, 'This would make a great t-shirt'...